Home Care = Self-Care Series: Tips if you’re working from home...

Home Care = Self-Care Series: Tips if you’re working from home...

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Dear friends, 

Today, more than ever, we hope to bring you a virtual touch of joy, inspiration, or even a laugh through our emails, blog, and social media. Stay up to date with us as we uncover tips if you’re working from home to DIY virtual karaoke parties, so everyone can sing! As we spend more time around the house, let’s share and engage how we’re spending our time. After all, home is where you feel the most yourself and why not let us? #AloneTogether

We want to share five essential tips regarding working from home. You can be working on your actual job tasks, a resume, you could be sprucing up your LinkedIn, even your Instagram...either way, it’s important to have your own area where you can put pencil to paper and flush out all your brain power in a conducive space of your home.  Home care is the new self-care. If you have a clean and organized space, you’ll feel more productive and focused to get stuff done!

Morning Routine

Create a morning routine to get your adrenaline going. Do the basics when you wake up as if you were going into work.  Make a hearty breakfast, then squeeze in physical or mental exercise, even if it’s just for 15 minutes. Whether it's meditation,  jumping jacks, or a long run, you’ll get those endorphins pumping. Lastly, who doesn’t love looking at a made bed? Glancing at your clean room will make you feel like you’re already winning the day. 

Work Area

Setting up a designated area outside of the bedroom will keep you productive and at night, you’ll have a real place to reset. If you have a nice working desk and chair, great! But if not, the dining table will be just as effective. Within the same area, keep in mind that you might be having Facetime video calls or video conferences with colleagues or friends, so make it presentable.  What you look good in, you’ll feel good in. Make this space yours, get a plant, get some Caravan coasters, and don’t forget to sanitize everyday. 

Take Breaks

Get some fresh air and vitamin D. Take the full length of your break to keep your time organized and well managed. We’d suggest having a few breaks a day. Some days you can take your dog out and call a friend, or use your break to sage the energy in your space.

Set Ground Rules With Colleagues And/Or People Around Your Space

When you work from home, it’s key to be over communicative because every person has their own schedule and priority list. Try to set boundaries of time you want to be communicated between and share that you’d like to communicate only through Slack, not text messaging unless it’s an emergency. Regarding people around your space, it’s safe to share that texting you might be the best way to reach you during work hours! 

Stay Positive

A clean and organized house makes for an energetic environment and clear mind. Of course we will not be able to keep these rules up 24/7, but it’s important to take the time to scope a path that’s best for you. If you’re feeling unproductive or unfocused, light a candle or get an essential blend going to create a calm atmosphere. If your mind starts to wander, Zoom a colleague or put a timer on your phone and redirect your energy towards one task at a time. Close all unnecessary windows and turn off your text notifications. The most successful remote individuals have a reputation for being extremely disciplined. As we navigate through this time, our home care is vital to our self-care. 

Figuring out this new normal can seem lonely, but luckily we have each other to share tips and advice to mind meld on. We are grateful to be able to stay creative and we want to hear from you. Collaborate with us by sharing your thoughts on our social media channels, thank you! Use tag #HomeWithCaravan to show us how you style with Caravan! #StayAtHome