Instagram-worthy table settings are easier than you might think.

Instagram-worthy table settings are easier than you might think.

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The thought of having a dinner party can be daunting, but the fact that you'll be able to dish out your sentimental China or Caravan Lafayette Flutes inspires you. Getting creative with your table top is one of the joys one has as a host and it won't cost you an arm and a leg. To get Instagram-worthy photos of your dinner party, we're going to share a few tips #CaravanStyle.

1. Dish Out Those Plates Grandma Gave You

First of all, having a dinner party is special. You get to share, connect, and enjoy a home cooked meal with friends, family, or who knows - a new neighbor. Having a set of exclusive dinnerware is a bonus especially if they are sentimental to you. But there is no right or wrong way, you start your own traditions in your space. 

2. Let's Drink

Glassware is where it's at. Throughout the night, everyone likes to sip on their mocktail or cocktail before and after dinner, so have a few different styles for certain beverages. Our Caravan Bistro Glasses come in a set of 6 and are perfect for sparkling water or your homemade soda. For wine or beer, you can use our Caravan Lafayette Wine Glasses. Don't be afraid to mix and match, the table always comes together. 

3. Protect Your Table

Whether you're setting the table for a party of 4 or 8, it's always nice to set a tablecloth or table runner to protect your table and of course to guide the food. In addition, it'll add some spice and texture for your Instagram photo. 

4. Decor Is The Last Touch

Here at Caravan, we love being able to be resourceful with what we have, but we also love adding in small touches of decor for a certain theme plus add greenery, especially if you want to get a grand photo of your table. Flowers or foliage will not only brighten your table, but fill in gaps on the table. Honestly, if you don't have it in your budget to purchase flowers because you spent it all on those yummy cocktail ingredients, go outside of your house. There are options of different greenery that will make your table look like it's out of Pinterest. Creativity at its finest. 

5. iPhone Photo tips

If you have the iPhone 10X, you're lucky. Portrait mode is bananas. For the rest of us folks, the biggest tip we have in our pocket is natural light is king. You'll want to get as much natural light as possible when shooting. Make sure to get as many different angles as possible. Wide shots and even tight shots of your detailed table.

One of our favorite angles is The Birds Eye view. Another shot that will need a moment is at least one table setting for one. That includes the plates of your choice, silverware, napkin, glassware, and that touch of your backyard plant that you never really liked - it'll make you love that plant so much more. 

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