Get your girl gang together for a cheers

Get your girl gang together for a cheers

Caravan has all the items you'll need to make your space a little fancy and prepped to gather your friends. Not only did we share some of our summer favorites, but we also wanted to give you a "full soup to nuts" party step to step.

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Caravan's amazing Social Media Coordinator, April Evangelista shared
her fave 2-ingredient, Watermelon Sherbet by Five Heart Home.
If you weren't able to get away this summer and you're contemplating
a little vacay in the future, she shared her experience in Greece last month!



Pronounced “eee ahh”, is this picturesque town which is definitely a destination must! In the summer, the air is hot and very dry, but that doesn’t stop the many tourists from traveling to this beautiful place. Sunsets there are even better! Get the perfect view of the sun dipping into the Aegean Sea on the most northern point of the island, next to the famous windmills. A definite recommendation is to eat all things seafood because everything is caught daily and fresh. Santorini is after all a big rock in the Mediterranean.  

- April Evangelista
Social Media Coordinator