Your Guide to the World of Beer

Your Guide to the World of Beer

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Caravan’s San Diego headquarters is surrounded by a lot of breweries. Seriously, like a lot — just take a look at the image below. The world of breweries and microbreweries is exploding all over the United States. It’s a fascinating subculture, but it can also be more than a little intimidating. We all have that one friend who’s going on and on about hops and IBU and obscure beer terms you’ve never even heard of. It can be overwhelming!

But the truth is that even though a lot of these terms can feel very complicated, they don’t necessarily have to be. In that spirit, we recently visited our neighbors at the Booze Brothers Brewery to get a breakdown on some great beers and their different flavor profiles — each in its own Caravan glass (because after all, drinking out of a glass feels classier than drinking out of a can). Now you can impress your beer snob friends!

Buena Vista, IPA

IPAs are all the rage in the microbrewery world. The letters stand for India Pale Ale,  and this light-colored beer (seen herematches our Bistro Green glass) and is     known for tasting “hoppy,” bringing out the distinctive (some would say bitter 😆)     flavor of one of beer’s prime ingredients.

Honey Bloom, Braggot

This is a Honey Beer, a beer variation that is just as delicious as it sounds. Unlike, say, a wine cooler (no hate intended), this isn’t a new-fangled sugary drink somebody just made up — honey beer actually dates back to at least the Middle Ages. This ancient drink is making a comeback, and this particular brew is not too sweet and can be easily seen in our Bistro Clear glass.

Penny Blonde, Blonde Ale

With a straw to light amber color, Blonde Ales are refreshing and drinkable, with a crisp finish. As the weather begins to warm up, this makes a fantastic summer beer and pairs with our fancy Lafayette Wine Glass.

Good Guy, Pale Ale

This is what’s known as an American Pale Ale, a class of beers that have a gold or copper color and feature a floral or fruity taste. If you like hops, you’ll enjoy the somewhat bitter flavor of this drink, which we know would look appealing in our Color Pop White glass.

Ol’ Grandaddy’s IIPA, Double IPA

Another India Pale Ale here, the Double IPA (also known as an Imperial IPA) means it goes in hard on the hops. If you like that taste, this should be right up your alley. If you’re not into hops, steer clear! When sipping the Ol’ Grandaddy’s IIPA, look for a tropical citrus flavor – appropriately enough, this double will fit into our entire Lime Summer Glass (it's bigger than the rest).

Fruit Medley, Fruited Berliner Weisse 

Booze Brother's created another line of unique fermentations under Owl Farm Beer. This fruited Berliner weisse is packed full of pineapple, mango, strawberry, watermelon, cantaloupe, apricot and white grape! It matches quite nicely with our Color Pop Turquoise glass.

Don’t Forget the Barware (they're on sale!)

While you’re prepping your beer bread and accompanying drinks, you may find yourself wanting some special barware. In that case, we’re happy to say that Caravan has you covered with some classy-yet-functional ways to serve your drinks in style. Check this out here.

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