Fall Is Coming...

September 09, 2018

Fall Is Coming...

Hey there! Kamilah Tibbitts, Co-Founder of Caravan, here. I hope this blog post finds you doing well — and hopefully, coming back from a restful Labor Day weekend.

Most of us consider Labor Day as marking the unofficial end of summer. And, let’s be honest, it’s kind of crazy that fall is already upon us.

Now, I love fall. It’s a busy time filled with opportunities to gather with friends and family alike, and there’s nothing quite like bringing people you love around a table to share a meal.

All too often, autumn table settings and home decor can feel disposable or cliché, which is why I’m passionate about Caravan’s products, which are made to be useful and artful complements to everyday life and entertaining. Below are the kinds of long-lasting decor and tableware I’m talking about, each of which is designed to add a sense of functional elegance to your home:



                   Agate Trays | Terracotta Dinnerware | Laundered Linens ]

Caravan at NY NOW

The Caravan team and I recently had the opportunity to partake in NY NOW’s 2018 Gift Show, where we showed products from the Caravan collection. In fact, we wanted to give you a personalized tour you can enjoy right now:



Pro Advice on Social Media Style

It was great being back at NY NOW, and we loved hearing some fantastic brand advice from designer, artist, and author Justina Blakeney, whose design blog Jungalow is all about using creativity to enrich in your home. She started blogging about design in 2002, and since then, has garnered acclaim for her take on New Bohemian style. If you’re into blogging and social media, here are some big takeaways from her talk that you might enjoy:

  • Content is king — and on Instagram, video content is especially important
  • Have a coherent voice
  • Ask questions to grow engagement on your social media accounts
  • Accept the fact people are going to copy you, but also accept the fact that this will help you grow
  • When it comes to current design trends, think: plants, plants, plants!