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Spring: It's official!

Posted by April Evangelista on

Spring is finally here. And not only does that mean it’s time for Easter, garden parties, and flowers — it also means it’s time for a little spring cleaning. We realize that  the concept of spring cleaning can sound pretty daunting, but it doesn’t have to be as drastic as some people make it. Consider it simply an opportunity to get your Marie Kondo on and tidy up your place — as much as you want.

This month we're highlighting all things Easter and thought what better way than to put together a Caravan Easter basket of essentials!

Thoughtful Gifts for Easter
Putting together a little Easter gift basket for someone you care about? Here are our top five products for a thoughtful seasonal gift:

  1. Kensington Linen Throw Blanket in Buttercream – Lightweight and perfect for picnics, this throw is crafted from hand-dyed linen with a delightfully inviting texture.
  2. Chunky Linen Napkins in Mustard Yellow – Vibrant and durable, these linens are fantastically soft and come in an array of summery colors.
  3. Tea Caddy with 8 Glasses – This multifunctional fixture holds 8 glasses at once and is ideal for summer entertaining, whether out on a park picnic or right inside your home.
  4. Marble Small Plates – As you may have gathered, we seriously love marble — and these plates make a stylish way to serve finger foods.

Hemp Storage Baskets – You’re going to need something to put this all in, and this basket is spacious and durable.

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